10 Best Places to Retire in Virginia

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Today we present you 10 best places to retire in Virginia. When choosing a retirement destination, seniors usually take into account a few things. For many costs of living, real estate prices and taxes are the most important factor. The quality of health care and overall safety usually come in the second place. Finally, amenities are also something worth considering since the lack of recreational and cultural opportunities can lower quality of life.

Best Places to Retire in Virginia

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Virginia falls into the group of states where costs of living slightly exceed US average. According to Sperling’s best place, Virginia’s citizens spend eight percent more than average Americans. Median home prices in the state are around $233,800, which is some $50,000 more compared to the median home value in the US. In addition, Zillow predicts that real estate prices will rise by one percent during the next year. While Virginia cannot be labeled as the most tax friendly state for retirees, it offers a range of tax benefits to its seniors. Social security income is not taxable, and older citizens who live on social security and pension that does not exceed $12,000 do not have to pay anything to the government. Those who have higher income must pay taxes on a portion of their income. Also, Virginia has one of the lowest property tax rates, so even if you pay a bit more than you have planned for a new home, it is good to know that taxes won’t empty your pockets.

Although in terms of costs of living and home prices Virginia does not come near any of these 10 cheapest countries to live like a king, the extra money that retirees might spend can be seen as a smart investment. The state has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. Also, seniors can count on receiving proper health care at reasonable costs since the number of doctors per capita is above the national average.

To find out which are the best places to retire in Virginia, we compared a few lists made by different websites searching for cities that appear on two or more rankings. Our primary sources were rankings found at Niche, Home snacks, Only in your state, Livability, Wallet Hub. We ranked these places using as criteria average costs of living, home price, crime rates, and a number of doctors per capita, which we all found at Sperling’s best place.

Let’s finally see our ultimate list of senior-friendly places in Virginia, which are almost ideal for retirees!

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