10 Best Places to Retire in Rhode Island

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If you are thinking to spend your retirement fund in the smallest state in the US, take a look at the 10 best places to retire in Rhode Island.

Nicknamed The Ocean State, Rhode Island’s coast hides numerous bays, big and small, which spread out over the state covering approximately 14% of it. Moreover, the exceptionally long coastline, which runs for about 400 miles, attracts innumerable people to the beaches scattered all around it.

The fact that Rhode Island does not cover much area is actually an advantage for its inhabitants, as they can get to anywhere in the state within two hours. In fact, one can easily cross the borders of neighboring states as well, without wasting too much time.

Best Places to Retire in Rhode Island

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The climate of Rhode Island is perfect for a retiree. Although the winters are cold, the summers are great and springs awfully lively. Both of these seasons give rise to, on an average, 202 sunny days yearly. However, a drawback to living in The Ocean State is that it is expensive. The cost of living is 20.6% higher than the US average, but money is a small issue with a place that has so much to offer. With museums and lighthouses, beaches and farms, colleges and parks, the state basically has everything you might want to see if you are big on sightseeing. Also, if you are looking to travel with high standards and a low budget, check out our article on 10 cheapest countries to live like a king.

In our list of 10 best places to retire in Rhode Island, we have taken into account all the cities with a population of above 6,000 people, according to City Data. Then, we assigned scores to each city based on the following criteria, statistics of which have been taken from Sperling’s Best Places:

  • The cost of living index – This provides a comparison of the cost of living in that particular city with the US average. For example, if the index is 110, it means the cost is 10% above the average.
  • Crime rate – A safe place is important for everyone, especially retirees, therefore, we have used crime rate as one of the factors for our ranking. This rate includes violent as well as property crime.
  • A number of physicians per 100,000 population – Giving healthcare the significance it deserves, we have used this factor to judge whether physicians are easily available in the area.

Scoring the cities in each of the above criteria, and combining the points, we have come up with this list, so read ahead!

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