10 Best Places to Retire in Maryland

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Continuing our series of the best places to retire in America, we present you with the 10 best places to retire in Maryland.

With the highest median annual income among all the states, Maryland has been one of the top destinations for retirees and families in recent years. This is shown by the fact that although Maryland is one of the smallest states in terms of land area, it is one of the densest, with over 8 million residents within its borders.

Because most of the residents live in cities and metropolitan areas like the Baltimore and Washington Metropolitan area, living in the state does not come cheap. Similar to the entries of the 10 best places to retire in Maine, sales taxes are generally higher than most US states, and cost of living is higher than the nation average. However, living in Maryland provides retirees the best of both worlds. To escape a fast-paced and expensive lifestyle, retirees may opt to live around the major cities of the state. The make-up of Maryland is mostly suburban, and as you will see in this list, the best places to retire in Maryland are either around Baltimore City or in the suburban to rural areas, not too near the hectic urban communities but not too far from city centers.

Best Places to Retire in Maryland

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What the state lacks in forests, it more than makes up for its waterways and beaches. Because Marland is located along the Atlantic coast, residents of some counties have the privilege of going to the beach during the summer months, when the warm and sunny weather balances out the cold Atlantic waters. Waterways such as the Chesapeake bay and small creek and tributaries to it are home to numerous fishing grounds. While the Chesapeake Bay may host sites of commercial fishing, the small streams and rivers are ideal for weekend getaways, whether it be for fishing, yachting or just having a picnic along its banks.

To come up with the 10 best places to retire in Maryland, Insider Monkey first determined the factors that are most important for retirees – the cost of living, physicians per capita, crime, and house values. Information from Sperling’s Best Places, Areavibes and Livability were utilized, with every county given a corresponding score on how high or low they ranked on each of the 4 factors. Scores were then added and averaged, with the top 10 counties earning a place on our list. Marketwatch also provided information on some entries on this list.

Get ready to pack your bags and hit the road once you’ve read the 10 best places to retire in Maryland!

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