10 Best Places to Retire in Louisiana

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Which are the best places to retire in Louisiana?

Named after Louis XIV by French explorer Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, Louisiana was claimed as part of the French empire. The original territory spanned from Mobile Bay to north of the present-day Canadian border. This region was purchased in 1803 for 60 million Francs, or $15 million, in what would be known as the Louisiana Purchase.

Best Places to Retire in Louisiana


Geologically, Louisiana is relatively young compared to other parts of the continental US, with most of the area forming just over 7,500 years ago from sediments of the Mississippi River. This is the reason why the state has a vast amount of deltas, waterways, swamplands and marshes. This also makes it ideal for adventure seekers wanting to escape everyday life and nature seekers to explore the inner areas of Louisiana’s forests and parks.

Louisiana is also known as one of the hardest hit areas during hurricane season. This makes the areas along the bayous, deltas and inlets prone to water damage and flooding. This was very evident during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which did most of its damage along parts of southeastern Louisiana and devastated the city of New Orleans.

The state has since recovered and has regained its charm as having one of the most diverse peoples in all of the US. Louisiana is home to the Acadian, Isleno and Creole cultures. The Creole culture, which is a combination of different races, namely French, African, Spanish and Native American cultures. This culture has been recognized as one of the most unique in America and in the world. Owing to its colonial roots, the area was a melting pot of different societies and nationalities, giving it its modern-day cultural identity. Acadians are the descendants of French immigrants from the Cajun region of France, which migrated to parts of the state. Perhaps this is why some retirees have declared some cities in the state as being the best to retire in Louisiana.

Despite being in a great environment with a very interesting culture, some people just aren’t cut to live it out with hurricanes or a warm environment. In that case, you might want to check out the 10 best places to retire in Kentucky!

To come up with the 10 best places to retire in Louisiana, Insider Monkey first determined the factors that are most important for retirees – the cost of living, physicians per capita, crime, and house values. Information from Sperling’s Best Places, Areavibes and Livability were utilized, with every parish given a corresponding score on how high or low they ranked on each of the 4 factors. Scores were then added and averaged, with the top 10 parishes earning a place on our list. So, let’s finally check those retirees friendly places, starting with the number 10.

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