10 Best Places to Retire in Indiana

When the age of retirement comes along everyone should see this as an opportunity for a brand new adventure, so we made up a list for you to take into consideration, presenting the 10 best places to retire in Indiana.

Moving to a new house can be nerve-racking, but exciting at the same time. Moving to a new state, far from what you know can be even more so, but what better time to do it than the moment you’re no longer tied to a place by your job?

None, we believe, so we thought we should take a look at Indiana and figure out which are the best places to move to. To start things off, we should mention how we made our selection. First, we checked out all the counties and ruled out those with less than 15,000 residents. Then, we took into consideration the average house cost, the average commute time, the cost of living index, the crime rate, and the number of doctors per 100,000 residents since healthcare is such an important topic. Then we handed out points depending on each county’s rank and added things up.

10 Best Places to Retire in Indiana

Ruslan Guzov/Shutterstock.com

Data comes from Sperling’s Best Places, a site that puts together information from a number of governmental sources to give you the latest numbers you should care about. For reference’s sake, Indiana has a population of about 6.5 million people and the average house cost is $115,000. The cost of living index for the entire state is 86.4, with 100 being the national average, while the crime rate is 42. The number of physicians per 100,000 residents is 216, and all counties that have a higher rate than this received extra points.

Before we delve into our list of best places to retire in Indiana, we should point out that you can also take a look at the 10 best places to retire in Iowa, another topic we published recently.