10 Best Places to Retire in India

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Which are the best places to retire in India, in the land of mystics and crude realities, which can hardly be explained by words and images? We found them, so keep on reading!

The diversity is the natural law of India, and this is best seen by the appearance of its streets, where you can see in a row the huts of the poor who are located next to the villa of some rich man, or historical castles. At the same time you can see shoemakers and tailors who have their shops open in front of the jewelry store, also here you can see the lawyers, doctors, dentists who work under the open sky, and the whole office is formed by one table and two chairs.

Best Places to Retire in India

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Many people who expect grandeur and luxury from this mystical country, will be shocked to see dirty airports, streets, poverty, noise and huge crowds that don’t miss the smallest street. Nevertheless, the hospitality of the hosts, their wide smile, and palms pressed together, who salute you with the word “Namaste” as a sign of welcome, reduces disappointment.

The average salary in the country is around $100, and it is believed that over 50% of the population is poor. Health insurance and retirement rights have only those people who work in state institutions. For the most vulnerable population, there are food shelters and free health care for the protection of the leper and tuberculosis, but many of people, do not want to be treated. Despite these facts, India represents a strong agrarian-industrial country, which has a huge mineral wealth. It also represents a major nuclear power and one of the leading countries in information technology.

If you, however, are not a fan of a tropical climate, rapid way of life, and you have in plan to spend golden years in a peaceful atmosphere in the country where snow is the main source of entertainment, then we recommend you to read our article on the 10 best places to retire in Austria.

To determine most retiree-friendly destinations in the magical country of India, first, we found the most recommended places for elderly on web portals such as Hellotravel, Investopedia, Siliconindia, Retire2india, Rediff, to name a few. Next, we decided to create our unique ranking of those places by using four different criteria that are of great importance to people in retirement. Those criteria are:

1. Cost of living;

2. Cost of  renting a one-bedroom apartment;

3. Apartment price per square meter;

4. Index of health care (assess healthcare from a variety of aspects, such as the quality of equipment, doctors, and personnel, etc.).

Information for all these factors, we’ve found on Numbeo and Nomad list. Counting all criteria separately, we got our ultimate list of best places to retire in India:

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