10 Best Places to Retire in Great Britain

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If you are looking forward spending your golden years abroad, have a look at these best places to retire in Great Britain.

The United Kingdom, Great Britain, England, the British Islands…Terminology can be confusing when realizing that all these terms are not synonyms. To put it simply, in this article we’ll be occupying on Great Britain, which is the main British Isle and includes the countries of England, Scotland and Wales – all parts of the UK, but not Northern Ireland -also part of the UK, nor the Republic of Ireland, which is a different country altogether.

Best Places to Retire in Great Britain

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Great Britain has many perks for aspiring retirees. Rich culture, picturesque landscapes, one of the world’s strongest health care systems, and a long history of political stability rank among its highlights, but none surpasses the fact that English is the main language everywhere, which can make things pretty simple for those considering a retirement plan abroad. Though the British government is not big on giving out free citizenships, there is hope for folks with European ancestry, since anyone with an EU passport can live freely in British territory.

Still, if the language is not a problem for you, or you’re willing to try your luck in spite of language barriers, you should check out our list on the 10 best places to retire in Germany, where many great possibilities are open for expat retirees.

In putting together this list, we searched for the places that had the largest amount of appearances in similar reports from various sources like Expática, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Telegraph. We choose the cities or regions that had at least two appearances and got a list of our first 14, which we ranked according to a number of times they were present in these reports. The more times a place appeared the higher the scoring. To get our final results, we made an average of each place’s position between our own list and The UK Quality of Life Index provided by uSwitch, which ranks 138 British cities and regions by 26 different criteria including life expectancy, hours of sunshine, food and energy bills, general cost of living, crime rates and tax prices.

So, whether you’d like to get in touch with your family roots, or just to enjoy the quality of life in one of the world’s most developed countries, check out our list of 10 best places to retire in Great Britain!

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