10 Best Places to Live for Aviation Jobs in the US

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If you are a professional working in the aviation industry, it would make sense for you to seek out the best places to live for aviation jobs in the US. It is a fact that some states in the United States are better poised in terms of offering more promising job prospects to the personnel involved in the aviation industry. Today we bring you the top states for those looking for a job in the aviation industry.

Whether you are an airline pilot, a flight attendant, an aircraft mechanic, an aircraft service technician, an air traffic controller or just someone involved in some capacity with the aircraft industry, it is important for your career that you consider the option of relocating to these states in order to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in your chosen line of work. If you are an aircraft mechanic and service technician, you might be looking for something more specific to your field, which is why we have also compiled a list of the Best States for Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians.

10 Best Places to Live for Aviation Jobs


If you are a professional involved in the aviation industry, you will naturally gravitate towards states that are able to attract investments from aviation employers. The states that are able to attract aviation employers are in turn good for aviation employees. This is because the greater number of aviation employers in a given state, the better the health of the aviation industry, which will mean better job prospects for potential employees. Not only will a high number of aviation employers result in higher number of job opportunities but it will also bode well for your long-term job security.

In order to compile our list, we looked at the data coming from a study conducted by Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) which sought to investigate the attractiveness of each state for commercial aviation companies based on a weighted average of these four crucial factors:

-Operating costs
-Industry size
-Educational attainment

These four factors capture the main reasons that make a state hospitable towards aviation companies, namely government support in the form of tax breaks, salary costs, the  level of competence of workers, etc.

For the purpose of our list, we are most interested in the third variable, industry size, which takes into account not only the existing size of the labor force e.g. aerospace technicians, engineers and other aviation professionals, but also the growth rate within the labor force. This provides a holistic picture of the health of the aviation industry in the state from the perspective of the employees.

Furthermore, the size of the industry is not only based on the employees directly working for the aerospace companies but also on the workers contributing indirectly within the aviation industry such as metal fabricators and other such professionals.

In order to make the decision easier for you, we also included the cost of living index to better help you judge the best state to live for aviation jobs. The cost of living index is basically a relative comparison of the cost of living in one locality compared to another locality. The latest numbers for the first quarter of 2017 cost of living index were taken from the database maintained by MERIC (Missouri Economic Research and Information Center).

Check out our list of best places to live for aviation jobs in the US!

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