10 Best Party Songs of All Time to Bring the House Down With

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The best party songs of all time are absolute required listening at any rocking party. Music after all is like the oxygen and lifeblood of a party, and without good tunes to fuel its happenings, even the best-laid party plans will crumble, choke, and die under the weight of their awful musical accompaniment.

Now then, what types of music do people like? It does vary of course, but there are certain songs and styles of music that tend to strike a chord with many of us for whatever reason. Something that makes them eminently enjoyable, so that people can’t help but begin tapping their toes and clapping their hands when they head them. That is the mark of what makes a song legendary, and a mark that is held by all of the best party songs of all time which make up our list. 


So, what are the 10 best party songs of all time? Deciding the popularity of a song is not that easy, because the parameters on which we will measure their popularity will vary. If you want to check whether a music album is popular or not, you can just check sales figure, but you cannot use this method to determine the popularity of a single song. Yes, checking the number of views on YouTube for that particular song might be a way for the popularity of modern songs to be measured against each other, but that can’t be a tool to analyze songs that span generations, as newly released songs naturally get much more activity than the videos of 30-year-old songs, no matter how good they are.

Rolling Stone is probably the most respected and famous magazine in the music industry, and they have come up with a list containing the 500 greatest songs in history. Using their list and other statistics, here we present you with the ten best party songs of all time. You may not agree with the entire list as after all it is just a matter of opinion like any other.

If this list isn’t enough to whet your musical appetite, we recommend you take a look at our other cover story on the Most Popular Songs of All Time.

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