10 Best Hostels in the World

The 10 best hostels in the world can be described as some of the best go-to places for budget travelers who want a good night’s sleep.

The global travel industry is booming. Driven by a millennial generation that is prioritizing experiences over possessions, travel-related industries have exhibited growth over the past few years. As more people travel the world in pursuit of different goals, businesses such as hotels, hostels, and other lodging services benefit from the increase in tourist traffic in most parts of the globe. There are even new industries that are being created by this wanderlust-driven trend: Airbnb and other apps of its ilk have created a cottage industry of homeowners who are willing to let other people crash on their sofas and spare bedrooms for a night or two.

In fact, with this increase in lodging options for the weary traveler, there has been an increase in competition between hotels, hostels, Airbnb hosts, and other lodging providers. While hotels remain a top choice for the tourist who wants to get a good night’s sleep in the most comfortable way possible, hostels are actually gaining ground and closing the gap when it comes to services. In fact, every tourist-worthy city has a bunch of Instagram-friendly, hip, and comfortable hostels that guarantee a pleasant stay at a fraction of the cost of its hotel counterparts. The hostel is a great choice especially for millennial travelers who are budget-conscious and can let go of some bedtime comforts for the sake of spending more money on the actual destinations they want to go to.

Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock.com

Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock.com

However, for those of you who would rather enjoy the comforts of a good hotel run by the largest and most established hotel groups such as Marriott International Inc (NASDAQ:MAR), Insider Monkey has a list of the 10 largest hotel chains in the world in 2017.

The increasing popularity of hostels has forced hotel chains to adapt to changing customer tastes. For instance, last year, Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc (NYSE:HLT) revealed plans to launch a new chain of budget hostel-like hotels to cater to millennials and other budget-conscious travelers. Whether the plan comes to fruition or not, the fact that hotel chains are considering getting into the hostel business is proof that these chains are feeling some pressure from their lower-priced peers.

Speaking of hostels, there are a lot of blogs and websites dedicated to budget travel tips, including recommendations on the best hostels to stay in. One of the most notable websites on this front is Hostel World, which has released a set of rankings on the best hostels in the world since 2014. (Those rankings are wittily called the “Hoscars,” as in the Oscars for hostels.) For the latest rankings for 2017, the website has categorized hostels according to size, certain comforts, country, and continent. On the Hostel World website, you can see the best hostel for each country, or even find the hostel with the best staff.

For this list of the best hostels in the world, we provide the top entry for various categories upon which the hostels are classified; four of the categories pertain to size, while six pertain to which continent a hostel is located. The hostels that made this list include Chili Kiwi Lakefront, Freehand Chicago, Home Lisbon Hostel, Lub d Patong, Mama’s Home, Mojzo Inn, Ostello Bello Grande, Soul Kitchen, The B.I.G., and Travellers Oasis. Check out how they ranked on the following pages.

(Note: The pictures on this list of the 10 best hostels in the world are not pictures of the hostels themselves but of the cities where they are located.)