10 Best Free Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

In this article we will share 10 best free marketing ideas for small businesses. If you are looking for out of the box, innovative promotional ideas for marketing, this is the article for you. Many small businesses face money shortages from time to time. Even if you don’t have tons of money to spend on your marketing, you can still find ways to appeal to your existing clients and find new ones. There are many free marketing ideas out there you can use to boost your small business and hit your target KPIs with close to zero investments.

With free tactics, you have to place emphasis on the most important things such as your copy and visuals. One place to find inspiration are premium file libraries where you can find amazing authentic images to give you an idea of the types of visuals that can help you promote your business.

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Here are our 10 best free marketing ideas for small businesses:

1. Know your audience and how to appeal to them 

If you really want to reach as many people as you can for free and appeal to them, you should thoroughly research your target audience. A scrupulous research on your clients is the first step to boosting your marketing efforts. It will allow you to understand how your products might be useful for your potential customers – and create your content and marketing projects accordingly.

The one mistake many businesses often do is misunderstanding the difference between target market and target audience. While these notions are related, target market is a broader concept than target audience. To really know the latter, you should find out interests and behaviour patterns of people you target with your existing marketing strategy. This might become a game-changer for a small business since you can better channel all your marketing activity in the short and long term.

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2. Pay more attention to local SEO

This doesn’t apply for small online businesses that can ship worldwide and don’t focus on local markets. However, if your company has any connection to your location, you can leverage it and get a competitive advantage. Instead of optimizing your website for general SEO and getting lost among your bigger field competitors, you can focus on local search engine optimization.

Google tracks users’ location when they search for things. Identifying specific keywords instead of more general ones and including your city or area can revolutionize your marketing efforts and win over non-local competitors. If your website is well-optimized for SEO (which is free and easy to do yourself), you increase your chances of bringing in new clients.