10 Best Dental Residency Programs for Foreign Trained Dentists

Wondering about the best dental residency programs for foreign trained dentists?  One of the finer features of the higher education system in the United States is its ability to afford opportunities to the brightest pool of students from around the globe to study and make an impact at schools around the country.  These foreign students often end up making some of the most noteworthy contributions of any students in their field, and truly enhance the learning environment for all involved.  Dental programs in the United States are certainly no exception to this rule.  In providing advanced standing programs for foreign-trained dentists, US dental programs around the country invite some of the best and the brightest to share their knowledge and simultaneously continue their own learning journey at some of the finest institutions in the world.  So which dental programs offer the best opportunities for foreign-trained dentists?

To formulate this list, we thought it would make the most sense by creating an initial list of the best dental schools in the country without attaching any specific qualifiers to the list.  The idea behind this is that if the dental school is already renowned as one of the elite programs in the nation, it also stands to reason that any subsidiary programs under the umbrella of the dental school are likely to be exceptional as well.  Thus, if school X is repeatedly recognized as one of the best in its field, program Y, offered by school X is also likely to be among the best available.

10 Best Dental Residency Programs for Foreign Trained Dentists


With this in mind, we opted to utilize two of the most frequentlyreferenced lists of superior dental programs in the United States, each list utilizing its own sophisticated algorithm to generate a comprehensive ranking of elite dental programs, as a means of forming our own super list.  In citing each list, we aggregated rankings from the two and sorted schools by their combined score.  This is to say that if a school was ranked number one overall on one list and number five on the other, it received a combined score of six.  The school with the lowest combined score was ranked first overall on our list, the second-lowest score ranked second, and so on.  

Though we only maintained an official list of ten, we kept a few “honorable mentions” around–11th place, 12th place, etc.–in the event that one of the top 10 schools did not offer a dental residency program for foreign-trained dentists.  As it so happened, there were a couple of top 10 schools for whom this was true, allowing a pair of outsiders slip into our list.

Whether you’re an internationally-trained dental student seeking the best option to continue your education, or a US citizen hoping to find a dental program with a bit of diversity, we encourage you to peruse this list and check out some of the best dental residency programs for foreign trained dentists.  While you’re at it, you can check out schools on the other end of the spectrum, and have a look at the least-competitive dental schools in the US.  That’s going to be a lot of information to digest–don’t forget to floss!