10 Best Companies for Chemical Engineers

Looking for the one or more of the 10 best companies for chemical engineers? Chemical engineers are in high demand around the world amid the burgeoning demand for petrochemicals, plastics, adhesives, paints, synthetic products, construction, cosmetics, and artificial products. Increased spending and spikes in manufacturing have created a pressing need for skillful chemical engineers.

According to a report issued by the American Society for Engineering Education, enrollment in chemical engineering degree programs in the U.S increased by 14.4% between 2014 and 2015.  Similarly, in the UK, the number of students starting chemical engineering courses has nearly doubled over the last five years, according to a report published by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. Chemical engineers study a diverse range of subjects which makes them highly useful for production companies, manufacturers, and R&D companies alike. Chemical engineers are needed at industrial plants, refineries, labs, oil fields, mining sites, and within the pharmaceutical industry. Companies are hungry for ways to minimize their manufacturing costs and chemical engineering is one crucial way to achieve that. Chemical engineers are aptly educated to leverage the existing resources of a company and maximize its output.

10 Best Companies for Chemical Engineers

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Polymers and petrochemical production is one of the hottest areas to work in when it comes to chemical engineering, with petrochemicals and polymers accounting for about 47% of European chemical sales. However, the chemical industry in the EU and U.S is slowing, with experts believing that China will soon take over the lucrative chemicals market. However, this competitive environment bodes well for chemical engineers, who have plenty of options to choose from.

Some companies require chemical engineers to have chartered status for senior positions. Chartered status helps chemical engineers get necessary international accreditations and move up the corporate ladder more easily. According to a report by The Guardian, a chartered chemical engineer earns about $12,000 more than an unchartered chemical engineer.

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In this article we’ll reveal the 10 best companies for chemical engineers. We compiled our list based on the minimum annual salary provided by companies to their chemical engineers. The primary sources for our data are company review platform Glassdoor and salary research website PayScale. Check out the list beginning on the next page.