10 Best Commuter Towns in NJ To NYC

New York, I love you, but you’re too expensive and that’s why I created this list of the 10 best commuter towns in NJ to NYC.

I will probably live in New York City for the rest of my life until I die, especially because the idea of a suburban life gives me anxiety. First of all, I hate driving, which is the main reason I moved to a public transportation-dominated place. Secondly, I don’t like the idea of neighborhoods that don’t have easy delivery services for food or the sounds of sirens in the middle of the night. I’m terrified of the complacency that comes with suburbia. That being said, plenty of people are not like me and have dreams of working in the city but coming home to their families in a beautiful home in a nice town. That’s a really cool dream and I’m proud of you if that’s how you feel about life.

10 Best Commuter Towns in NJ To NYC


New York City has a pretty high cost of living and it’s just not pragmatic for everyone. If you have kids, you might not want to raise them in the city and would rather live in a place like New Jersey where they have a little more space. The suburbs tends to have a lower population and people tend to own homes rather than rent cramped apartments. The median home price in NJ is around $300,000. 

In order to create this list, I had to consider the commute time, cost of living, and other factors like if it’s family-friendly or not. Although one town has some advantages, others may have advantages in other categories. The greatest importance, however, was placed on commute time since this is a list of the best commuter towns in NJ to NYC. The towns on this list are the ones with a New Jersey Transit bus route or light railway and train accessibility. If you have your own car that you want to drive, that’s cool, too, but good luck parking it anywhere in NYC and dealing with the traffic. It’s actually pretty cheap to use public transportation from NJ to NYC.

If New Jersey isn’t really your thing and you want some other options, check out our list of the 6 Easiest Towns to Commute to NYC. Keep reading for the 10 best commuter towns in NJ to NYC if you still think the New Jersey life is for you: