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Ridgeback Capital is a New York-based hedge fund manager specializing in investments in life science companies. Founded in August 2017 by Dr. Wayne Holman, MD, the firm focuses on long-term investments in both private and public companies at the forefront of developing life-saving and transformative technologies.

Dr. Wayne Holman, Founder and CEO of Ridgeback Capital, co-founder of Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, and Co-Chair of the Ridgeback-Merck Molnupiravir Joint Steering Committee has dedicated over two decades to financing more than 100 biopharma companies. His contributions have been pivotal in advancing the development of innovative medicines for patients with critical medical needs. A licensed physician, Dr. Holman graduated from New York University School of Medicine and holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Yale University. He serves on the NYU Langone Board of Trustees and the University of Miami Board of Trustees.

Wayne Holman
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