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John Hempton and Simon Maher established the Australia-based global long/short fund Bronte Capital in 2009. Hempton is the co-founder, chief investment officer, and co-owner of the hedge fund. He has been involved with the financial markets since 1999. Hempton was Platinum Asset Management's youngest partner and the head of finances. He launched Bronte following the Platinum listing in 2007. Maverick investor Hempton takes delight in his eccentricity and enjoys hunting for business scams so he may short-sell the companies' stock.

Bronte Capital is managed by a performance-driven firm with a distinctive approach and portfolio. The fund's goals include reducing the risk of permanent capital loss and offering global diversification without the drawdown and market risks common to long-only funds. Bronte conducts "top down" macro analysis and regular portfolio concentration reviews to reduce risk. In addition, Bronte utilizes derivatives, ETFs, and other assets to increase returns and protect capital.

John Hempton
Fund Profile
Filing Period:
Fund Name: Bronte Capital
Manager John Hempton
Portfolio Value $1,036,621,903
Change This QTR +1.20%
Fund Holdings Sector Distribution
Filing Period:
Last update:
No. Security Ticker Shares Value Activity % Port History
1. BRK.A 398,306 $135,822,346 +2% 13.1%
2. GOOG 1,092,431 $130,763,991 +2% 12.61%
3. REGN 138,316 $99,385,579 +2% 9.58%
4. IBKR 836,451 $69,483,985 +2% 6.7%
5. V 284,917 $67,662,089 +2% 6.52%
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