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Richard Hamm and Peter Simmie founded Toronto-based hedge fund Bristol Gate Capital Partners in 2006. Peter Simmie, the company's former chief investment officer (CIO), retired in 2019, and Richard Hamm has taken over as CIO since then.

The hedge fund employs data analytics to invest in high-dividend growing companies. Because of artificial intelligence (AI), Bristol Gate Capital Partners has been producing greater results for its consumers. The hedge fund uses gradient-boosting machine technologies to give human analysts the best possible starting point for making investment decisions. Richard Hamm discussed the potential benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) on trading strategies in one of his interviews. He said that Bristol Gate Capital has been using these strategies from the beginning, even though the investing business is still not entirely on board with data analytics. The hedge fund invests in businesses after assessing the strength and quality of the company, in addition to concentrating on dividend growth equities.

Bristol Gate Capital Partners generated returns of 7.3% over the last three years and 11.2% over the previous five years.

Peter Simmie
Fund Profile
Filing Period:
Fund Name: Bristol Gate Capital Partners
Manager Peter Simmie
Portfolio Value $2,004,713,726
Change This QTR +1.12%
Fund Holdings Sector Distribution
Filing Period:
Last update:
No. Security Ticker Shares Value Activity % Port History
1. CTAS 178,952 $107,847,212 -3% 5.37%
2. AVGO 96,041 $107,205,766 -4% 5.34%
3. AMAT 619,037 $100,327,327 -4% 5%
4. ROP 178,388 $97,251,786 -3% 4.85%
5. MCO 246,316 $96,201,177 -4% 4.79%
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