Wondering About The Xbox One Sale Date? This Will Whet Your Appetite

Xbox One Sale Date: Like many, you may be looking forward to the release of the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One in November. If you are tired of waiting around and ready to take a closer look at the gaming console in the near future, you will be excited about the Xbox One Tour that will be visiting 75 cities across the world over the next few months.

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Xbox One Tour: Showing it off to the World

The Xbox team is hitting the road, giving people the chance to experience its new console before officially launching on November 22.

Day one of the tour is October 1, with stops during the month of October including: Philadelphia, Paris, Toronto, Chicago, Vienna, Atlanta, Dallas, and Berlin.

As you can see, Microsoft decided to make this an international event as opposed to one that was focused solely on consumers in the United States.

What is the Xbox One tour all about? According to Microsoft, it will “let people in the U.S., Canada and Europe get hands on with the Xbox One line-up of blockbuster games through a series of experiential events, while the Xbox One “Test Drive” will see Xbox hitting the road like never before to give people hands-on gameplay in unexpected places.”

It goes without saying that Microsoft probably doesn’t need to spend the time and money visiting these different cities, garnering attention from users. That being said, the company wants to make sure that its newest gaming console is a big hit. Not only will these events attract consumers, but it will help spread the word about the upcoming release of Xbox One. It is a winning proposition for everybody involved.

In the weeks to come, keep your eyes open for the Microsoft “Test Drive” vehicles. They will be visiting shopping malls, college campuses, and festivals all over the United States, UK, Canada, France, and Germany. If you are lucky enough to run into one of these vehicles, be sure to stop for a closer look. This will give you the chance to test out the new generation of gaming before the rest of the world.

The Microsoft Xbox One Tour is a cool concept. In less than two months consumers will be able to purchase their own gaming console. Before the Xbox One sale date, you can take part in this event to get your fix.

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