BlackBerry App Developers in this Country are Staying Loyal

BlackBerry app developers: The fact that BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) is going through tough times has definitely made app developers think twice. Do these professionals want to spend time developing apps for BlackBerry 10, especially when the future is so uncertain? While some are running to other platforms, such as iOS and Android, there are many others who are staying the course and sticking with the company through thick and thin.

BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) App Developers in this Country Staying Loyal to the Company

According to a recent story by Digitimes, the majority of developers taking part in  BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 indicated that they will continue with BlackBerry 10 development, “mainly because Apple places strict controls on developers and there have been many free or bad-quality Android-based applications.”

Not only are BlackBerry app developers remaining loyal to the company, but they are doing so because they have yet to fall in love with what iOS and Android based applications are all about.

Many others stated that they will stick with BlackBerry 10 because other platforms have been bogged down with too many applications. It is hard to deny this fact, being that both iOS and Android are ultra-competitive.

When you take a closer look at BlackBerry app developers in Taiwan, you may be surprised at what you see: a growing number of developers have joined forces with BlackBerry 10 over the past year. This is a big surprise, especially when you consider the fact that BBRY is not exactly a stable company at the present time.

Many independent developers from Taiwan have focused on a variety of apps, including those for traffic monitoring, secure transactions, and video conferencing.

It is important to note that many of these same developers are also spending time developing Windows Phone 8 apps.

The report from Digitimes doesn’t have anything to do with BlackBerry app developers in North America, however, it is safe to assume that BBRY is willing to take whatever it can get at the present time. The company knows it is trailing iOS and Android in the app market, but is hoping to eventually get back on track as it steals back some market share.

It will not be long before we have a better idea of the direction BlackBerry 10 is headed. It is now or never for this operating system.

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