Who Is Jim Cramer? The Mad Money Man’s 13 Best Quotes

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Just who is Jim Cramer? People who are in any way associated with the stock market and its daily fluctuations know that he’s one of the financial world’s most important voices. The host of CNBC’s nightly mega-hit “Mad Money” and former hedge fund manager, Jim Cramer‘s viewer base is dichotomous–half devotee, the other half apathy. On the whole, though, Cramer’s words are some of the most market-moving in the blogosphere, and carry weight in every medium imaginable.

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A Harvard graduate, Cramer developed an interest for journalism in college, while at the same time, seeding what would become a rather fruitful investment pedigree. He also started giving stock advice through his answering machine, and helped some of his clients make hefty returns. With his success, he managed to obtain a job at Goldman Sachs, in the bank’s Private Wealth Management segment; but that’s not the whole story on who Jim Cramer is.

A manager of his hedge fund Cramer & Co from 1988 to 2001, in what later became Cramer, Berkowitz & Co, he generated an average return of 24% per year over this time, and in 1996, he co-founded TheStreet, Inc. (NASDAQ:TST). MainStreet, StockPickr, BankingMyWay, and Real Money are also under The Street’s banner, and the company also acquired The Deal last fall.

According to the PEG ratio, one of the most popular metrics to derive how investors are valuing a company’s growth prospects, shares of TheStreet, Inc. (NASDAQ:TST) are among the most attractively valued in the Internet Information Providers industry.

All equity analysis aside, Jim Cramer’s daily involvement in the US’s financial markets is a breath of fresh air, and understandably, he’s served up quite a few gem-worthy quotes in his career. We’re going to take a closer look at what his investment philosophy is by way of the spoken word, and in the process, we’ll get a better understanding of who Jim Cramer is as a person. (Sourced from BrainyQuote and SearchQuotes.)

Let’s see his 13 best quotes:

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