Top 8 Most Expensive Game on iTunes

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Have you ever wondered which is the most expensive game on iTunes? Whether you’re waiting at the dentist’s, riding the subway, or just blowing off some steam, game apps are great for many occasions. We all enjoy playing games on our mobile phones and tablets, but many of them are just casual experiences for a little bit of fun during downtime; not exactly something we’d pay big bucks for the right to play.

Most Expensive Game on iTunes

Nonetheless, there are some extreme examples of iOS game apps that are sold for massive prices. Just how much are people willing to spend on this kind of entertainment? As you might know, the maximum price an app can be sold for on iTunes is $999.99. But would anyone actually pay that for a game? have any developers even tried selling their games for such a price? Our list with the most expensive game on iTunes has the answer.

Most of us prefer of course prefer free things, including games: once we get bored we just toss them away and get on to the next one. But fun and games have not only been part of our lives since smartphones came around (although free games have); just think about your old Sega or Nintendo 64. If gaming is of interest to you, don’t miss out on our fascinating list of The 10 Best Videogame Weapons Of All-Time, From Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) To Nintendo.

Let’s take a look at our current fun countdown now and find out which is the most expensive game on iTunes right now.

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