Top 8 Countries in the World Where Justice Prevails

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Nowadays, freedom, justice, and equality are all important indicators of a thriving community, which the top countries in the world where justice prevails all enjoy. People in these countries can rest easy knowing that things are relatively fair in the country for all citizens, and that if any injustice is perpetrated upon them, justice will be meted out on their behalf in due time.


Of course, despite the advancements made by humankind, and the flourishing of wealth and democracy to many corners of the world, not all nations on the planet are as blessed with liberty and justice as some other countries. In these countries, it is an almost unshakable tradition that money is the prime determinant in how one is treated by others, including the government and police. Those with money are kings, who can sometimes literally get away with murder, while those without it are virtually ignored, with little chance of receiving justice for wrongdoings committed against them.

As such, we would like to present you with a list we have compiled of the top 8 countries in the world where justice prevails, based on the latest statistics released by the World Justice Project, which releases a Rule of Law index annually, in which it ranks countries across the globe according to their perceived level of justice. In order to come up with the rankings, experts at World Justice Project interviewed 1,000 people living in 3 major cities from 99 nations around the world. Each of the interviews was identical and consisted of questions regarding corruption, crime, civil liberties, and government powers.

In you’re still interested in discovering places where you can live in peace and safety, then be sure to check out our list of The 10 Safest Countries in the World to Live in Peace. As you’ll discover on that list however, the safest countries aren’t necessarily the best examples of countries in the world where justice prevails. In fact, there is not a single crossover from both lists, despite the current list factoring in crime rates. As you’ll see, the countries with the greatest levels of justice tend to be European, while the safest countries in the world tend to be Asian.

Are you ready to see the top countries in the world where justice prevails? Let’s take a look at the list and see where they can be found.

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