Top 6 Jobs That Will Be Lost To Robots

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Can you imagine the possible jobs that will be lost to robots as technology continues to advance and society adapts and changes along with it? We previously looked at some of the highest jobs in demand America has to offer, some of which have come about from these changes. However, on the other end of the spectrum are those jobs that lose their demand as they can be filled cheaply and more efficiently by machines.

We live in an ever-increasing technological era. There is a constant striving for mechanization, and with the aids of robotic workers, we can increase production, reduce harsh working conditions and improve our overall quality of life. But if I tell you that in the future there will be jobs that won’t exist for us humans, what would you think? Is it a disadvantage that jobs will be lost to robots or is it an improvement for our society?

In this article in particular we will take a look at six jobs that will become obsolete for humans. Robots might take over these jobs and it may help our society in some cases, but there are also some frightening aspects to this robotic lifestyle. No lines, no angry workers who take forever to do their job, no more complaints unless some robot breaks down. What will the future hold for us once these jobs that will be lost to robots start taking hold? Let’s begin by checking out what some of those jobs that are lost will be.





Remember when you called a company’s customer service to complain about some problems with their product? Well, nowadays if you try hard enough and navigate through the machine responses, you might still be able to get in touch with a human that can actually solve your problem. But what if I told you that, in the future, there will be no more humans solving these?

Japanese technologists have come up with some amazing robotics that are defying how we understand reason. Creating robots that are able to make decisions and decide between several options is only the beginning. In Japan, there has been a lot of testing over robots that can actually become telemarketers, selling products over the phone as well as solving problems and becoming the front of customer services.




Have you ever thought about going on a road trip and never having to touch the wheel? Or driving to a meeting and being able to prepare your speech while in the car? Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced that it was working on automated cars as a way to increase safety and help humans reduce the time spent commuting to work. Volvo announced that they would have a driverless car by 2020. These improvements are meant to ensure road safety as well as traffic control and reduction of traffic jams.

With human supervisors in the passenger seat, seven test cars have driven 1,000 miles without human intervention and more than 140,000 miles with only occasional human control. This may seem crazy but in the near future we will actually have cars that won’t require us to drive at all, we will only have to set our destination and relax.

Keep on reading to know four of the other jobs that will be lost to robots in the not-so-distant future.

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