Top 5 Real Estate Billionaires in the World

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In this article we discuss the Top 5 Real Estate Billionaires in the World. If you want to read our detailed analysis of the real estate industry, go directly to the Top 10 Real Estate Billionaires in the World.

5. Wang Jianlin

Net Worth: $20.2 billion

The Dalian Wanda Real Estate Group is considered one of the most popular companies in China. Wang Jianlin is the chairperson of this real estate giant. Besides real estate, his company invests in different industries including media, construction, entertainment, industrial manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, sports, technology, and financial services.

Son of a foot soldier, Jianlin believes in hard work and discipline.  Before becoming a small entrepreneur, he took his father’s profession but soon the army had to decommission him. Disappointed, he joined a public office but soon Wang Jianlin realized it was not for him.

In 1989, he was forced to live with his mother-in-law. He accepted a job at a debt-ridden real estate company after some months. With his sheer hard work, the indebted company made profits and soon after three years, Wang Jianlin was able to take over the firm as their CEO.

He started his prestigious company with a small investment of $80,000 in 1992. At that time, he did not know it would grow bigger and bigger with time. The self-made billionaire has an estimated net worth of $20.2 billion to date.

Wang Jianlin’s initial motive of investing in real estate was to make quick money. Later on, he decided to take it as his long-term endeavor.

Outside of China, Wang Jianlin’s company handles projects in Chicago, Sydney, London, and Madrid.

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