Top 5 Places to Go as Soon as Coronavirus Pandemic Ends

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In this article we discuss the top 5 places to go as soon as coronavirus pandemic ends. If you want to read our detailed analysis of these tourist attractions, go directly to the Top 10 Places to Go as Soon as Coronavirus Pandemic Ends.

5. Bermuda

With a difference of merely an hour from New York City, the island of Bermuda is the most accessible island in North America. The limestone cliffs and deep turquoise-colored waters are the first things that everyone notices as soon as the plane descends. The 21 miles long, the jewel-box-sized place is home to various restaurants, museums, shops, and, certainly, nature reserves and beaches. The spots you must not miss are St. George’s, Royal Naval Dockyard, and the capital city, Hamilton. Established by the island settlers in 1612, from being a significant port during the Civil and American Revolutionary Wars, St. George’s is now home to a spectacular seaside fort and numerous churches.

The place has in it some of the most primeval outdoor spaces, a perfumery-teashop, and a handful of restaurants. In the capital city of Hamilton, you will love the contemporary boutiques and cultural sites. The marvels of Bermuda include its otherworldly Crystal Caves. You must not miss a deep inside tour of these ice age era caves where you will be descended to about 120 feet below the ground. A caution, though, the spaces are tight so this adventure is not advised for claustrophobic.  Overall, for a little modern and a little history, there is no better island.



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