Top 12 Jobs in Health Care in 2014

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Top Jobs in Health Care in 2014 range from entry-level to specialized practitioners. The health care sector is one of the most thriving industries of the US economy, with professionals working in this field generating incomes well above the national averages. But health care is an ever evolving field and as it continues to grow and develop, more and more new job positions are created.

Following, we would like to present you with a list we have compiled of the top jobs in health care in 2014, based on a report issued earlier this year by CareerCast. The countdown includes job positions that are expected to register a significant growth, according to the US Bureau of Labor, that are paid well, and that do not involve high amounts of stress and pressure. We used the annual median salary as the main indicator for ranking, which is the amount of money at which half of the people in the workforce make less and half make more. The great news is that, while the salaries paid for the following jobs in 2013 were already on the high side, the Bureau of Labor predicts that will increase even more for the top jobs in health care in 2014.

The highest growth in the health care sector will be registered by biomedical engineers, a field which will increase by an impressive 62%. Biomedical engineers typically work for medical device manufacturers and are involved in building numerous devices, from MRIs to surgical tools.

Another highly rated job in the health care sector is that of a dental hygienist. Even though it’s still in the top ten, this job dropped six places after being first in 2012. Nonetheless, it remains one of the best jobs in the industry, mainly because the demand for such services and constantly increasing. In addition, becoming a dental hygienist only takes completing a two year long Associate’s degree. The job offers high security and is low stress, especially compared with other jobs in the field. The median annual salary for a dental hygienist is close to $80,000 and the US Bureau of Labor predicts a 38% growth in the following years for this entry on the top jobs in health care in 2014.

Curious to see which the best jobs in health care are in the year to come? Let’s take a look at the countdown of the top jobs in health care in 2014.

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