Top 11 Philippine Exports and Imports

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What are the top 11 Philippine exports and imports? The Philippines may be a small country but because of its potent natural resources, an abundance of human resource, and favorable position in the Pacific, it is one of Southeast Asia’s most active foreign traders. In fact, the Philippines has a long history of importing and exporting, generations before the first colonizers set foot in the archipelago in the 1500s.

This developing country sits between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, a major route for trading for as long as foreign trading has been invented. This developing nation’s exports are dominated by products from natural resources and raw materials while most of its imports are electronics and transportation equipment.

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The top 11 Philippine exports and imports presented here are based on the November 2015 data from the Philippine Statistics Authority. We have divided this article into two, the first half of which shows the top 11 Philippine exports, and the other half shows the top 11 Philippine imports.

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