Top 11 Cities Where Billionaires Live

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It may seem a curious thing to wonder which are the top cities where billionaires live, yet the results can provide a lot of interesting clues as to which cities are rising hubs of technology and commerce (you’ll likely be surprised by at least some of the entries on the countdown, as well as some expectant cities that are missing, like Los Angeles), as well as which have the greatest amenities to support a billionaire’s often-extravagant lifestyle.

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Of course most billionaires don’t only live it up within their home city of choice, but travel the world to exotic locations and stay at the finest resorts and hotels that money can buy (or rather, rent). If you’re interested in some of the potential trips that are enjoyed by the ultra wealthy, be sure to check out the 10 Most Expensive Holiday Destinations in 2013, a list we compiled last year showcasing the most stunning (and expensive) holiday destinations in the world.

Back to our current list of the top cities where billionaires live, as you’ll soon see, the top city (which is may be a surprise to many; we won’t yet spoil for you), is home to a staggering 84 billionaires, whom are worth over $4.3 billion on average. That is nearly 25% greater than the city with the next highest amount of billionaires. In terms of what billionaires spend their giant piles of money on, a recent in-depth study found that the average billionaire has real estate worth $78 million, owns four homes worth a combined $20 million, and boasts many awesome toys like private jets, yachts, luxury sports cars, antiques, works of art, and much more on top of that.

Yet while the numbers are glamorous, it should be noted that the cities in question often suffer from vast income inequality, despite the presence of wealthy leaders of industry in their cities. Now then, let’s get our countdown of the top cities where billionaires live started, and see where so much of the world’s wealth is concentrated.

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