Top 10 Rifle Manufacturers in 2018

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What are the top 10 rifle manufacturers in 2018? Let’s find out.

Although guns can be dangerous when in the wrong hands, they can be very useful when used correctly. Guns are used by the military everyday to defend the homeland. Many civilians use guns to defend themselves in case danger really presents itself. Many also like having guns because it makes them feel safer.

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In terms of the different variety of guns, the rifle and the handgun are among the most commonly owned. In terms of its features, a rifle is different from a handgun in that a rifle’s barrel is often considerably longer. A rifle also has walls with a grooved pattern etched into the bore whereas handguns typically do not. In part due to their longer barrel, many rifles are also more higher powered than handguns. Many rifles are also semi-automatic, allowing faster fasting times.

Given the rifle’s features, The United States has long used rifles for combat. The United States Army, for example, have long used the M16 rifle and its successor, the M4 carbine, as an infantry weapon. Other countries have also used rifles. The Soviet Union has long used assault rifles for its infantry, including perhaps the most famous rifle of all time, the AK-47.

In terms of civilian uses, many people use rifles for hunting. Hunting is very popular in America and other parts of the world. According to the website Statista, around 17 million Americans went hunting at some point in the spring of 2017. Tens of millions more people hunt in other countries. The thrill of being in nature and stalking prey can be exhilarating. Hunting can also help one feed their family and create long last memories.

Due to the strong demand for rifles, many companies that make rifles are also large and public corporations such as American Outdoor Brands Corp (NASDAQ:AOBC), Sturm Ruger & Company Inc (NYSE:RGR), and Vista Outdoor Inc (NYSE:VSTO). In this article, we cove the Top 10 Rifle Manufacturers in 2018.

Given that many of the largest gun manufacturers are private and hence their financials are not readily publicly accessible, we use best guess estimates to rank many of their sizes. We use a flexible scale. Also note that pictures of the rifles may not match the brands.

#10 Colt’s Manufacturing

Florin Patrunjel/

Florin Patrunjel/

Colt’s Manufacturing LLC produces rifles such as the combat unit carbine, which was developed with input from veterans of the Armed Forces as well as the AR-15 SERIES, which is another powerful rifle. Due to strong demand for its rifles, Colt’s Manufacturing is number ten on our list of the Top 10 Rifle Manufacturers in 2018.

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