Top 10 Most Expensive Concert Tours in 2013

The love for music knows no boundaries; for some people, not even financial boundaries. But how much would you be willing to pay for the once in a lifetime opportunity to hear your favorite singer or songstress?

Following, we would like to present you with a list we have compiled of the top 10 most expensive concert tours of 2013, based on the statistics issued in early January by Forbes Magazine. The countdown takes into account the average price for a one-person entry, at the ticket booth.

The Rolling Stones emerged as the undisputed leaders of 2013 concert tours. At least when it came to ticket prices, with an average of $624. 2013 marked the band’s 50th anniversary and the show they put on during their tour is enough proof that they are still going strong. The priciest stop of the tour was the performance at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas on May 11, where the average ticket cost a whopping $1044.

At the other end of the spectrum we have former Beatles member, Sir Paul McCartney, whose tour, Out There!, had an average price ticket of $241. But the most expensive performance of the tour was nearly twice that. A ticket for the July 14 performance at Bankers Fieldhouse in Indianapolis sold for an average of $443.

Former “All the single ladies”, current Mrs. Carter, Beyonce proved she’s a superstar whether she’s cheering for female power or embracing wifehood. Average ticket prices for her 2013 tour were a little under $300, but her most expensive performance was on June 29, at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas, where tickets averaged $764.

Justin Timberlake, who scored the best-selling album of 2013, makes an appearance on the most expensive concert tours list as well. His 20/20 Experience Tour had tickets selling for an average of $339, landing him in the middle of our countdown. The most expensive show on the tour was on November 15, at the Bridgestone Arena, where tickets sold at an average of $512.

Curious to see which musicians organized the most expensive concert tours in 2013? Let’s take a look at the countdown.

No. 10: Sir Paul McCartney

Concert tour: Out There!

Average price (one person): $241

No. 9: Pink

Concert tour: The Truth About Love

Average price (one person): $270

No. 8: Fleetwood Mac

Concert tour: 2013 World Tour

Average price (one person): $282

No. 7: Beyonce

Concert tour: Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

Average price (one person): $294

No. 6: The Who

Concert tour: 2013 World Tour

Average price (one person): $314

No. 5: Justin Timberlake

Concert tour: 20/20 Experience Tour

Average price (one person): $339

No. 4: The Eagles

Concert tour: History of The Eagles

Average price (one person): $354

No. 3: Maroon 5, Owl City, and Neon Trees

Concert tour: Overexposed

Average price (one person): $364

No. 2: One Direction

Concert tour: Take Me Home

Average price (one person): $460

No. 1: The Rolling Stones

Concert tour: 50th Anniversary Tour

Average price (one person): $624