Top 10 Highest Paid Actress In Hollywood 2014

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Here we show you the Top 10 Highest Paid Actress In Hollywood 2014, so you can feel bad about your salary. Sometimes we like to read on the internet private stuff on Hollywood’s actors and actresses, after all we love Hollywood and every part of it. It’s quite a controversial practice if you think about the fact that people tend to publish pretty much everything they can find about celebrities’ private life. That’s why this article it’s about public numbers of the best paid actress in Hollywood in 2014, and nothing more. So, if you like to get depressed over hot people’s incomes comparing to yours, you can also check the Top 8 Highest Paid Actors For A Single Role article we’ve made. But, because highest paid people are usually men, we show you here a list of astonishingly well-paid women.



As we all know, Hollywood spends and earns huge amounts of money to help make our dreams come true on the screen, as well as help us shape our dreams. And one of the biggest cost of making movies is putting the faces we love on the screen over and over again. The more we see an actor, the more we want to see him (or her) again, and the more we want to see them, the highest the salary required to put them on the screen. Sometimes it’s because, as Amy Poehler once said “their faces are so nice to watch”. Sometimes, it’s because they’re so talented, and the characters they bring to life are so well played that it’s hard to separate the actor or actress from the role. Sometimes we don’t really know if its one reason or the other. What we do know, is that we’re willing to pay ridiculous amount of money to see them on the screen. And that money made of the movie tickets, popcorn and merchandising, goes to our favorite actors and actresses magically converted into millions and millions of dollars.

So, let’s check the list provided by Forbes information of the Top 10 Highest Paid Actress In Hollywood 2014:

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