Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Active in Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Work

Today we’ll focus on people’s human side as we take a look at the top 10 celebrities who are active in disaster relief and humanitarian work.

It is no secret that famous people are role models to many boys and girls from all corners of the world. We all had idols growing up. In today’s Internet world, the impact celebrities have on young minds is immense, which is why it’s so important that popular people are good people, that they are human and well aware of the fact that all their actions are seen through a magnifying glass. Hence, all their good and bad actions will be very good or very bad, and it will inspire millions of people to do the same. With great fame comes great responsibility, whether you like it or not.

Fortunately, there are many people in the world who are generous, who appreciate everything they have in their life, and want to give something back to the world. Today’s list is presenting the celebrities that should inspire us the most, who have taken that responsibility very seriously. So, if you thought that those celebrities who are publicly displaying their charity work are doing it just to get more attention, think again; most of them are usually in the spotlight without making an extra effort, so when helping in front of the cameras they are mostly doing that to inspire others to do the same.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Active in Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Work

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Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget that there are famous people who are amazingly generous and altruistic, but they wish to remain anonymous with all their donations. They are probably sick of being haunted by paparazzi,  and they try to stay out of the public eye. They are trying to live a normal life and as a consequence, they are usually absent from lists like this one. And, of course, there are others who are also truly charitable, but they are just regular people, out of show business, of whom the world hasn’t heard yet. We should be thankful to all those people – to everyone who gives back and helps others with no hidden cause, whether that person is famous or not.

So, how did we come up with the list of top 10 celebrities who are active in disaster relief and humanitarian work? Well, we found many similar lists, and then took the most common names on those lists, and researched their charity work. We didn’t rank them, so be sure to acknowledge that this is not the list of the celebrities who are the most active in humanitarian work since that is not something easily measurable because not all of them have the same possibilities when it comes to helping. Hence, we thought that ranking celebrities by the amount of their charitable work is pointless. We are sure they all of them are helping within their power.

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Without further ado, we bring you the names of the famous people who know how to give back!