Top 10 Business Schools in US: 2014 Rankings

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What are the top 10 business schools in US in 2014? Business schools rankings vary from source to source. For instance Forbes ranks business schools based on return on investment. Their top choice is Stanford. If you rank business schools by the median GMAT scores, Stanford comes on top again. Nevertheless, half of Stanford business school students had a GMAT score of 740 or less. If you use tuition as an indicator of quality (i.e. business schools that have the highest demand can charge more for their services), then Harvard is the top business school in America. However, if you use salary after graduation as your yardstick, Stanford again comes on top.

top business schools in the US 2014

In this article we will present the top 10 business schools in 2014 in the US, based on the latest report released by US News and World Report. In order to come up with the rankings, experts at US News and World Report evaluated over 100 master’s programs in business. They use a weighted average score that takes into account several factors including GMAT/GRE scores, peer and recruiter assessment scores, mean salary, mean undergraduate GPA, and acceptance rate.

If you’re looking for a business school and don’t know where to start, this is the list for you. We’ve also included tuitions and acceptance rates for each of the following schools, so as to better help you with your choice. In this year’s rating, the business programs at Stanford and Harvard continue to be leaders, tying for first place alongside the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. From these three contenders, Wharton has the highest acceptance rate, of 18.7%, but also has the highest tuition fee, of $59,736 per year.

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