The Most Expensive Flowers in the World

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Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays – all of these occasions require the purchase of regular flower bouquets, but which are the most expensive flowers in the world? While most flower bundles cost about $5 dollars, there are several rare types of floral breeds that can cost you a small fortune. Collectors know that the more exotic and rare a flower is, the pricier it will be to purchase a bulb for your garden. Although formal blossom production has been around since the creation of greenhouses in the 1700’s, these species are very peculiar and therefore, expensive.

It seems that almost anything can have a price tag nowadays, and for those of you interested in farming or plants in general, you’ll find some enlightening information in our article regarding the most expensive specialty crops in the world. But for now, let’s focus on the decorative aspect of the flora. Here’s our countdown of the most expensive flowers in the world.

6. Lisianthus

Price: $10 – $35 per bundle

Known as paper flowers, Lisianthus have a very delicate and frail appearance, due to their wide, white, and ruffled petals. This flower grows between 15 and 60 cm in height and it sports a 5 cm diameter. Given that it only blooms once a year, and only survives for approximately two weeks after being cut from its stem, these bouquets can be rather pricey. However, they’re beautiful colour tones vary from purple, to lavender, to blue violet, making them well worth the price.

5. Hydrangea

Price: $6.5 per stem

Hydrangeas are almost like a gardener’s dream plant, because they require special care and a lot of attention before showing their beautiful blossoms to the world. The shrubs can reach up to 3 meters in height, and while most Hydrangeas bloom white petals, there are some blue, violet, pink, and lavender coloured versions. Given the leaves fragile texture, these flowers wilt easily, making them popular at single day events like weddings.

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