The Best Oscar-Winning Songs

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Last night, John Legend and Common’s collaboration “Glory” took home the Oscar for best original song in a movie, thereby possibly entering the arena of the best Oscar-winning songs. While there’s no denying that this track is lyrically powerful and compelling, it faces some tough competition from iconic Disney tunes, pop divas, and other top-notch musicians. Even if you’re not a fan of the films accompanying these songs, they’re bound to evoke some emotional memory of karaoke nights, choreographies, or love declarations.

Now, some of the songs on this list feature a sad or dramatic edge, so you might want to keep your tissues close. If you’re a fan of emotional outbursts caused by an artistic experience, then check out our list on the 7 Movies that will make you cry, to get those tears rolling like waterfalls. In the meantime, for the music lovers amongst you, here’s our compilation of the best Oscar-winning songs ever.

6. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”

Year: 1994

Movie: The Lion King

Music: Elton John; Lyrics: Tim Rice

When Walt Disney’s The Lion King appeared on the big screen, it instantly conquered children and adults’ hearts alike. What made the movie so appealing, apart from its storyline and characters, was the original score, composed in the most part by Tim Rice and Elton John. However, this song stood out from the rest, due to its romantic delivery.

5. “Over the Rainbow”

Year: 1939

Movie: The Wizard of Oz

Music: Harold Arlen; Lyrics: Yip Harburg

When Judy Garland first lent her voice to “Over the Rainbow” for The Wizard of Oz, she probably didn’t think it would become her signature song or that several decades later it would still overwhelm her with emotion. Nonetheless, it’s done that and more, bringing the audience to tears every time they visualize their dreams to Judy’s tender tone.

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