The Best Movie Sountracks Ever

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Every film requires the right music to accompany each scene, but the best movie soundtracks ever are more than just background noise. These meticulously chosen songs boost the film to a whole other level, emphasizing tension points, creating the perfect ambience, and underlining plot twists of the movie. And while the timing of each track is just as important as the music itself, there are some films that boast such a powerful soundtrack that it can hold its own without even requiring an image.

A couple of weeks ago we presented you with a compilation of the ultimate heartbreak songs, featuring quite the downer tunes, but this week’s music list is more mash-up than break up. With directors like Quentin Tarantino or Danny Boyle putting their magic to work, you can be certain that some pretty legendary music will be involved. So, without further ado, here are the best movie soundtracks ever (however, not in any order or of preference, because that just doesn’t seem fair).

7. The Graduate

Year: 1968

Key Track: The Sound of Silence

It’s difficult to say this soundtrack belongs to a movie, since it’s mainly composed of Simon and Garfunkel songs, so it could easily be one of their albums. However, given the fact that the cult movie actually propelled songs like The Sound of Silence, Scarborough Fair, or Mrs Robinson to an extraordinary level of popularity, we can put this case to rest.

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