The Best B-Boy Movies

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In the early 80’s, the phenomenon of break dancing started to appear on the streets of New York City catching the attention of film makers, but what are the best B-boy movies out there? In its early beginnings, B-boying was a way for the Bronx’s youth to steer away from gang violence, and while the dance was aggressive, it became an important part of the growing hip hop culture, along with graffiti artists and MC’s. After nearly a decade of prominence, the movement died down, disappearing from the limelight.

Some of the most awesome hip hop documentaries, which we compiled in a previous article, feature the stories of B-boys in the 80’s and how street dancing helped them define their identity. More than two decades later, break dancing and B-boying have regained recognition and the publics’ attention, becoming a main theme in many Hollywood movies. So, here’s our list of the best B-boy movies.

5. Warring Factions (2009)

Director: Justin Mashouf

This documentary follows an Iranian B-boy, born in America, back to his homeland where he explores his multi-ethnic roots and the political issues between these two nations. In a quest to understand the vast misconceptions of Iranian culture amongst Americans, Justin takes to his love for hip hop and immerses himself in a group of B-boys, where he’ll try to find his stance on the threat of another war with the Middle East.

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