The Absolute Best States to Shop in the US

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If you’re a shopping aficionado, you would probably like to know what the best states to shop in America are. Without a doubt, shopping is the most beloved unofficial American sport: boutiques, curiosity shops, outlet centers, shopping malls, luxury shops, mainstream retail stores… A myriad of options are available across the country for every kind of shopper. Whether you are a bargain hunter, a big spender, a designer devotee or a vintage lover, this is the list for you.

Every region and time zone has something different and unique to offer: the largest malls in the country, the hottest upscale boutiques, the best collection of designer brands, the lowest sales taxes (and this is a major consideration, just check out our list of the The States That Tax Shoppers The Hardest to see why), the broadest variety of stores and the best price ranges.  Each shopping experience is superlative in its own way, just like the states that host them.

Attempting to leave no taste unrepresented in compiling our list, we took the interests of all types to heart and considered several variables such as affordability, variety, location, ease and exclusivity among others. Now, check out the best states to shop in the US.


Needless to say, New York State’s most important shopping area is New York City. The Big Apple is perhaps the top shopping spot in America due to its flagship stores, department stores and charming boutiques all intertwined in the boundless mystery of the city. From quirky stores to stylish designers, every neighborhood is fashionable in its own way and makes up the amazing shopping scene of New York.

Apple Store on 5th Avenue, New York City


This West Coast beauty is the Elysian Fields of shopaholics. L.A. is synonymous with Hollywood style and glamour: Rodeo Drive is the Queen of high-end fashion stores. But if you’d rather browse through some eclectic shops, take a walk through Venice Beach. Another California shopping hot spot is San Francisco, a city with an offbeat appeal that has indie boutiques and secondhand shops to be discovered around every corner.



Bigger is better in Texas, a state that landed five cities in Forbes’ ‘America’s 25 Best Cities For Shopping’. The Lone Star’s presence in America’s shopping scene cannot be overlooked. Looking for jewelry, a wedding dress or maybe a pair of cowboy boots? Whether in Houston, Dallas, or Austin, there is nothing unattainable in the Gulf Coast.

Dusk view of the Dallas, Texas skyline.


Before blooming into the coolest new art center of the country, Florida was a state well-known for its sense of fashion. Retail shops, outlet centers, and avenues boasting their upscale boutiques are only some of the attractions the state has to offer. Palm Beach, Miami Beach, the Florida Keys: every place has a distinct shopping appeal.

Tampa, Florida skyline


The great state of Illinois is proud to flaunt Chicago as its shopping heart. If you are a demanding shopper, the Windy City is definitely the place to go between New York and Los Angeles. Michigan Avenue is a mile-long boulevard that offers anything you may need, and everything you won’t as well.


Read on to find our top choices for the best states to shop in the US.

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