The 7 Most Expensive High Schools in the World

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Education is free in most countries, but the most expensive high schools in the world charge a fortune for their students to attend classes. A handful of elite educational institutions offer their services in exchange for a tuition rate surpassing $50,000 a year. In return for this pricey investment, the young scholars enjoy a far more individual approach in their education, with an oftentimes challenging environment.


A while ago, we published an article on the 10 most expensive boarding schools in the world, which boasted similar prices in exchange for education, food, and housing. However, given that the schools on today’s list don’t offer residency, they stand out for their expensive tuition and intense curriculums. Although some countries, like Sweden, offer a very solid public education program, the most expensive high schools in the world can be found in any country, from Switzerland to the U.S.

So, let’s take a look at which emblematic institutions earn the highest grade as the most expensive high schools in the world.

7. Brillantmont International School

Annual Tuition: $34,155

When your school grounds overlook the Swiss Alps and Lake Léman, your tuition is bound to be pricey. Brillantmont offers that view, as well as an extremely rich school life to its 100 boarding students and 50 day students (ages 11 and onward). Apart from extracurricular activities like Model United Nations, Finance Society, Yoga, and Photography, the school also focuses on small classrooms, with an average of 12 students.

The schools and their tuitions get even more brilliant, as we continue to countdown the most expensive high schools in the world, on the next page.

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