The 5 Reasons Why You’re Single and Miserable

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I’m sure you are dying to find out the reasons why you’re single. Let me start by saying this: you’re not fat, you’re not too old, you’re not too skinny and you’re not any other reason you may think you are single. The fact is that you are just as good and deserving of a partner as anyone else; you just might need to work on some of your deeper personal aspects. Furthermore, though you may feel as if you’re the last single specimen on earth, you are definitely not. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics over half the population in America is single. You might be lonely, but you are certainly not alone.

RReasons Why You’re Single

In compiling this countdown we decided to rank the most common but profound explanations for finding yourself without a significant other, rather than just listing a myriad of superficial arguments. Mind you, this is in no way a comprehensive list; it’s only a glimpse into the endless catalog that could justify your current situation. However, if you’re looking for a more concrete tool to help you get a boyfriend or girlfriend, take a look at our list of The 26 Best Colleges to Find a Good Husband.

Let’s take a look at the countdown and find out the reasons why you’re single.

5. You’re Still Waiting for “The One”

Enough with the childish dream of the perfect mate that fulfills every demand on your list. It’s time you lowered your expectations to a realistic level. In no way does this mean you should settle with the first person that comes your way; rather, you should get your nose out of that romance novel and face real life. You are being too hard on others because your standards are too high, whether they are physical, intellectual, religious or moral. Human beings are naturally flawed, and that’s what makes us beautiful as well. Are you perfect? No. And if people expected from you, what you expect from others, you’d likely never find anyone to take you either. Relationships are about accepting and even loving those flaws in others; about meeting half way, about making compromises. It might be time for you to start giving in. Get realistic or you’ll be waiting forever for a person that you’ll likely never find.

Now that you’re not looking for the perfect partner, check out the other reasons why you’re single on the following pages, and prepare yourself for them.

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