The 5 Best iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android

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Whether you are an iOS user hungry for the latest apps or an Android fan hoping to get some of the Apple-only applications in the near future, we’ve compiled a list of the best iOS apps you can’t get on Android.  Although it is true that many iOS-exclusive apps have been made available for Android due to their success and high demand, an awesome perk for iPhone users is that many new apps are first launched for iOS before their Android version is available. There are also some hot and useful apps that only the elite of iPhone users get to gloat about, and remain exclusive to iOS devices.

Best iOS apps you can't get on Android

On the other hand, Apple’s operating system is not the only one that has unique access to some of the most recent apps on the market. Android also has some apps that they can call their own, at least for the time being. As there are snobbish users who enjoy having exclusive apps for their devices on both ends of the struggle, we have also compiled a list on Android-only apps. Make sure you check it out: The 11 Best Android Apps You Can’t Get on iOS. Comparing the two lists may allow you to choose which mobile OS is the right one for you, with the apps you really want.

Could it be iOS? Are you curious now to see which are the best iOS apps you can’t get on Android? Let’s take a look at the countdown and find out what they are!

5. Hyperlapse

This useful mobile app was created by Instagram, and at the moment it is only available for iOS users. However, the company has suggested that an Android version will be available in the near future. Released only recently, in late August, Hyperlapse offers its users the possibility of creating videos with a time lapse cinematographic effect. Unlike other similar apps, Hyperlapse is the only one that uses an image stabilization algorithm that eliminates the shaky appearance of your footage. Although it doesn’t offer the filters Instagram does, Hyperlapse allows you to modify the playback speed of the video you are creating.


More iOS app love is coming up, as we reveal the four best iOS apps you can’t get on Android. Check them out.

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