The 5 Best Documentaries On Netflix You Must See

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Our list of the best documentaries on Netflix will help you simplify your search for what to watch next, if you’re a docu-drama buff like I am. Netflix has an incredibly large warehouse of documentaries, in all different genres that are available for instant streaming at any time.

When trying to define what the best are, I looked at a number of factors. First, how it was received by the public. While Rotten Tomatoes is certainly not a defining source for how good a documentary is, it is the most popular movie review site and does hold some weight. Next, I looked at how unique the subject matter of the documentary was. If it’s a story that’s been told 500 times before, even if told brilliantly, it is not something I want to recommend as one of the best documentaries on Netflix.

Finally, it’s important to look at whether or not the documentary is one that was reviewed higher or lower because of specific visual enhancements. If you’re watching a movie on Netflix, it’s certainly going to be a different experience than the movie theater. With some documentaries (such as ones on nature or animals), they may be great due to the high quality of the visual shots and less because of their plot line. Thus, these documentaries are all ones that are carried by the plot and idea, and not by the level of technology used to shoot the footage.

If you’re like me and like movies that also teach you something, check out The 10 Best Business Movies of the Past 100 Years when you’re done reading about these films, some of which can also be found on Netflix. Now, lets take a look at the best documentaries on Netflix with one that tackles one of the biggest (literally) problems in America and the civilized world today.

5. Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead


Best Documentaries On Netflix

In recent years there has been a massive influx of health related documentaries. These seemingly follow the same path, showing the problems with the food industry by looking at the specific health details of different grocery items and using testimonials to carry the plot. I have no problem with this, as they generally are very well done and should be seen by the public, as certain foods really do have terrible, largely unknown consequences. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, however, provides a different view of the same story, by also providing a solution. The protagonist suffered from a variety of illnesses, some self admittedly due to lifestyle, but others simply as a reaction to certain foods. He got pain in his body when eating different foods and was overweight and experiencing constant fatigue.

So as he’s a very successful businessman, his next move was to take two months off from work in an effort to forever change his life. He drives across America while consuming three meals per day, all being a different juice mixture. He spreads awareness of the benefits of juicing through his own transformation and by the end of the two months has gone through an almost unbelievable transformation. This documentary gives hope to people as opposed to simply pointing out a problem and complaining about it. This makes for a great movie to watch at home as it’s entertaining and informative, making it one of the best documentaries on Netflix.

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