The 20 Most Popular Subreddits on Reddit

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Curious what the most popular subreddits on Reddit are? If you are passionate about your Internet browsing activities, chances are that you have already heard about Reddit, or may have even used it. Well, if you haven’t, here’s a short summary: Reddit is a huge website, basically a social network, that condenses Internet content based on its users’ needs. Subreddits are like a category, or a subforum, that focuses on info and content from a specific field.

We would like to present you with the 20 most popular subreddits on Reddit, as of now. Although Reddit allows users to follow very specific interests, you will notice from our countdown that the majority of popular subreddits focus on somewhat general interests.

No. 20: Atheism

Photo Credit: Marcus Böckmann

Dedicated to all web content relating to atheism, secular living, and agnosticism.

No. 19: Aww

Photo Credit: Lennix3

Basically, a subreddit for all things that make someone go “aww”, like puppies or kids holding hands.

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