The 20 Highest Rated Movies of All-Time

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In the film buff’s world, do you ever wonder what the highest rated movies of all-time are? There are various ways in which one can judge the popularity of a certain movie. You can look at box office figures, ticket sales, DVD sales, the number of weeks a particular motion picture is shown in the cinemas, and so on. But all of these methods are somewhat limited in trying to evaluate how well a movie is appreciated.

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Because of this, we have set out to compile a list of the 20 highest rated movies of all time, based on how film buffs have rated them over the years. The most popular website for anything movie-related,, allows regular votes to rate their favorite movies. Based on these votes, a chart featuring the 250 highest appreciated movies of all time, has been created. Out of the 250 motion pictures listed on the popularity chart, we have selected the top 20.

Apparently, movie watchers seem to like sequels, as the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, two of the Godfather movies, as well as two Star Wars made it in the top highest rated movies of all time. Curious to see if your favorite motion pictures also ranked in our countdown? Let’s take a look:

No. 20: The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers

Year: 2002

Rating: 8.7

No. of Votes: 632,997

No. 19: Matrix

Year: 1999

Rating: 8.7

No. of Votes: 712,866

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