The 15 Most Common Phobias in America that Induce Fits of Panic

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We are all subject to various fears and phobias, making a list of the most common phobias in America an easy one to compile, and one that everyone should be able to relate to. While many of us may be ashamed of some of our fears, the fact is we all share many of the same common phobias, to the point that they could be even be considered natural human reactions to certain situations.

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On the other hand, the ones we aren’t afraid of can naturally seem kind of silly to us, since those things come across as completely tame or harmless in our minds. In some cases, those fears and phobias develop because of life experiences, why can explain why some people have some of the lesser common fears that others don’t.

However, even when not speaking of the most common phobias in America, it’s sometimes simply the case that the person was essentially born with that fear, and nothing that happened in their life was going to change that. To know more about such phobias and how they can develop, check out What Is a Phobia? See The 10 Most Feared.

Now, let’s begin our own list of the 15 most common phobias in America.

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