The 10 Top Best-Selling Products of All Time

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Top best-selling products of all time: Some products come and go without much impact on society, yet others sell so well that they remain in our memories forever. If you think about it, you can surely think of one of these items, which everyone has or at least wanted to purchase at one point or another. The companies responsible for their creation not only satisfied millions of customers, but surely made their investors happy due to record sales. In addition, these top best-selling products of all time did not just break sales records, but shaped entire industries, as businesses tend to follow trends and emulate each other.

Innovation is usually the key behind creating a best-selling item, since these products are usually the first of their kind and therefore remain in everyone’s mind for decades. After all, who doesn’t remember the first iPod presented by Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) or Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s first version of Windows. Yet in other cases, the best-selling products of all time stem from niche markets. These items are so revolutionary that they quickly become mainstream, generating enough demand that other companies decide to join the industry.

In a recent article we presented you with the top 15 best-selling Apps for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iTouch. Apps surely constitute a new industry and as mentioned before, Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) was one of the firms responsible for making them so popular due to their innovative products. Whether any of these items actually made it into our list of the 10 top best-selling products of all time is yet to be revealed. Although brand-recognition and producing great items are some of the main factors which determine appearance on this list, market domination is also relevant.

With sales records being broken constantly and companies rising and falling in their popularity, it might not always be easy to keep track of who dominates and which product has been sold the most. Hence, in order to come up with this list, we took information provided by 24/7 Wall St., which reviewed a wide array of products in different categories and organized them according to their sales numbers. In the end, we were able to create the following list of the 10 top best-selling products of all time, which we will now examine in further detail, beginning with…

10. PlayStation

With more than 344 million units sold, Sony Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:SNE)’s PlayStation is one of the best-selling products of all time. The first version of the popular video game console was presented in 1995 and had the most powerful processors available at the time. Due to its huge success, Sony has continued to bring out new versions, with the PlayStation 4 being the latest of its kind.
Playstation-3Read on to see the rest of our list of the top best selling products of all time.

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