The 10 States with the Highest Nursing Shortages Leaving Their Hospitals Depleted

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Would you like to know which are the 10 states with highest nursing shortages in America? Picking the right career is not always a simple task, since jobs are not always abundant in all sectors. After all, being able to find employment in your desired field of expertise, is just as important as enjoying your job. Hence, choosing a career requires certain knowledge of the job market and the opportunities available now and in the future. Of course this is not the only noteworthy criteria. Whether it’s achieving a sense of fulfillment, enjoying a certain amount of respect amongst your peers, doing something that matters, or simply having a large income, all of these are factors that come to mind.

10 Cities with High Demand for Nurses

Nursing is a career that fulfills at least one of the aspects mentioned above, as the following list regarding the ten states with the highest nursing shortages will demonstrate. Although one might not be aware of this fact, nurses are actually quite scarce in the United States, meaning employment is almost guaranteed. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, jobs in this field will be abundant at least throughout 2020, making it an ideal career path for young people. In addition, nursing can be very rewarding, thus offering those willing to take on the training the chance to do something significant at their workplace and in their lives, such as helping others.

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For those who have already begun a career in nursing and have not yet decided where they wish to live, the following article will also prove helpful. And, if you fear moving because you might not find a job, you can certainly be relieved, since nurses are scarce all over the United States. Now let’s finally kick off our list on the ten states with the highest nursing shortages.

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