The 10 States That Got The Most Wealthy, Yet Still Demanded a Federal Bailout

10 States That Got Wealthier the MostThe total wealth of the United States increased from $32.3 trillion in 1995 to $62.5 trillion in 2007 (See the distribution of wealth by state here). This enormous increase fueled a huge consumption boom and helped propel Chinese growth rates to double digits. But with the onset of the Great Recession there was a huge decline in aggregate wealth, private consumption, and states’ tax receipts. Instead of raising taxes or cutting spending, states lobbied the federal government for bailouts. 

 Here are the 10 states that got the most wealthy over the 1995-2007 period. So much wealthier, yet still did not reject federal bailout funds… 

10. Alaska: 96.2% wealthier 

9. Hawaii: 97.1% wealthier 

8. New York: 97.7% wealthier 

7. Virginia: 98.5% wealthier 

6. California: 99.3% wealthier 

5. Massachusetts: 99.8% wealthier 

4. Connecticut: 101.2% wealthier 

3. Maryland: 101.3% wealthier 

2. New Jersey: 102% wealthier 

1. District of Columbia: 102.9% wealthier