The 10 Most Used Social Media Websites Today

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Okay, so you are probably wondering which the most used social media websites in 2014. We know that social networking has been skyrocketing ever since it started some years ago. The evolution of the internet is certainly one of the most important developments of our time, and its features are constantly increasing in complexity, improving, and developing. Staying connected is easier than it ever was, and finding someone on the network has become a rather quick thing to do nowadays.

The internet has become more and more the method through  which human relationships develop, and social media is indeed the gathering place of this and likely future generations. The number of members that use different networking sites has raised the companies behind them to the top of the business world’s peak. Internet companies such as Google, Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG), Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ: FB), or from Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE: BABA) have reached numbers old big names such as U.S. Steel and Marathon Oil have held for decades. To see some of the Top 15 Largest Websites in the World check out the list we’ve made featuring the top websites in the world!

This time we have brought about some of the most popular social networking sites of 2014. In order to compile this list, we have used the eBizMBA Rank, which shows a continually updated average of Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S. Traffic Rank. The best way to estimate the top websites is a combination of average daily visitors and page views. Check out our list on the 10 most used social media websites!

No. 10 Vine


eBizMBA Rank 42,000,000

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors Rank 237

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 1.20

No. 9 Flickr

eBizMBA Rank 65,000,000

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors Rank 138

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 7.83

No. 8 VK

eBizMBA Rank 80,000,000

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors Rank 150

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 24.38

No. 7 Instagram

instagram-logoeBizMBA Rank 100,000,000

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors Rank 49

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 4.97

No. 6 Tumblr


eBizMBA Rank 110,000,000

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors Rank 55

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 5.86

No. 5 Google+

eBizMBA Rank 120,000,000

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors Rank 32

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 23.91

No. 4 Pinterest

eBizMBA Rank 250,000,000

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors Rank 27

Daily Pageviews per Visitor 7.52

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