The 10 Most Popular TV Episodes of All-Time

Ever wonder what the most popular TV episodes of all-time are?

Who doesn’t love watching a TV show, or more than one for that matter, to pass some time? Throughout television history, there have been several shows that have made quite an impression on the American public. But how about single episodes? Which ones have really warmed the hearts of TV watchers in the US?

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We have compiled a list of the ten most popular television episodes of all-time. The episodes in our countdown were ranked according to figures released by TV Guide. The countdown features several popular shows that have made television history, but just in case you don’t remember what a particular show is about, we’ve included a short synopsis. Wondering if your favorite TV show is featured on our list? Let’s take a look at the top ten.

Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular TV episodes of all-time:

No. 10: 24 – Day 1: 11:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Season and Episode: S1E24

Short Synopsis: Each episode of the 24 series covers one hour in the life of Jack Bauer, a Counter Terrorist Unit agent. In total, the show ran for eight seasons, making it the longest-running television drama relating to espionage themes.

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No. 9: All in the Family – Cousin Maude’s Visit

Season and Episode: S2E12

Short Synopsis: All in the Family is a sitcom revolving around the life of Archie Bunker and his family. Its biggest contribution to US television is that it was the first comedy show to talk about sensitive topics such as racism, abortion, homophobia, or breast cancer.

No. 8: Mad Men – Nixon vs. Kennedy

Season and Episode: S1E12

Short Synopsis: Mad Men is a drama series revolving around an advertising agency operating in New York City in the 1960s. The show depicts both the office and personal lives of its characters.

No. 7: The Honeymooners – Better Living Through TV

Season and Episode: “The Classic 39” E07

Short Synopsis: The Honeymooners is a sitcom which lasted for only 39 episodes, now affectionately referred to as “The Classic 39”, depicting the lives of two married couples struggling to make ends meet, in Brooklyn, New York.

No. 6: ER – Love’s Labor Lost

Season and Episode: S1E19

Short Synopsis: With a total of 15 seasons, ER is the longest running drama of its kind in US television. The show focuses on the life and work of emergency room personnel in a fictional Chicago hospital.

No. 5: Lost – Pilot

Season and Episode: S1E01 & E02

Short Synopsis: Lost is a drama series following the lives of a few airplane crash survivors, somewhere on an island in the middle of the South Pacific ocean.

No. 4: I Love Lucy – Lucy Does a TV Commercial

Season and Episode: S1E13

Short Synopsis: I Love Lucy centers on the life of a young couple, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, and their friends, with the action being set in a New York apartment building.

No. 3: The Mary Tyler Moore Show – Chuckles Bites the Dust

Season and Episode: S6E07

Short Synopsis: This particular sitcom represents a milestone in US television, being the first ever show to focus on the life of an unmarried woman pursuing her career goals.

No. 2: The Sopranos – College

Season and Episode: S1E05

Short Synopsis: The Sopranos is a drama series following the home life and work struggles of an Italian-American mob leader, Tony Soprano. The show has been a great success, winning no less than 21 Emmy awards and five Golden Globes.

No. 1: Seinfeld – The Contest

Season and Episode: S4E11

Short Synopsis: One of the greatest landmarks in pop culture and a television phenomenon, Seinfeld was bound to come up on our countdown. Most of the stories depicted on the show, including the plot line from The Contest, are inspired by real life events.